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169 The Clinton Body Count VOL 1

August 2, 2020

You guys have been asking for this episode for quite some time now so, BOOM here it is. Disclaimer though, this will probably be a series of episodes we will do periodically in regards to this topic. "WHY?" you may ask...well because this is a very, VERY, very deep topic. This week we will do a lot of introducing and setting up the idea of "The Clinton Body Count". For anyone who has never heard of this conspiracy, "The Clinton Body Count" is a list of names (that is forever changing) of people who have died mysteriously by "SUICIDE", Vehicle malfunction/Accident, "Heart Attack", or homicide (and depending on who you talk to they're all homicide lol). Very interesting episode that we look forward to expanding upon in the future....send all hate mail to Jacob ;) . So with that said strap on your tin foil hats! Throw on a bulletproof vest and like Wu Tang said "Protect Ya Neck!" 


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