Art and Jacob Do America

165 Unsolved Mysteries: Who Put Bella In The Wych Elm ??

July 5, 2020

Before you start reading the description I need all of you all to picture this in Robert Stack's Voice from "Unsolved Mysteries":

This week on Art and Jacob Do America; we discuss the mysterious skeletal remains of an unknown female corpse inside the hollow of a Wych Elm outside of Birmingham, England. The decomposed body was discovered by 4 young boys in 1943 who were looking for bird eggs...and rabbit meat. But what they found that day... was far more sinister. Who was it that they found? How did she get there? and Why.....?? Was she a German Spy? Or perhaps some kind of sacrifice to the occult...or was she the victim of sexual assault...We answer those questions and more on Unsolved Myster....I mean Art and Jacob Do America!!

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