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164 John Titor: The Time Travelin’ Fool

June 28, 2020

Time Travel...a concept mankind has been fantasizing about since the beginning of ...TIME. But is it possible? Or a better question to ask , has it been done? Well if we go back to the year 2000 (insert Conan O'brien sound byte here) on the Art Bell "Coast to Coast" BBS message board, you find a Timetraveler_0/John Titor who will tell you that, YES! Time travel is possible and he has done it and he is here from the year 2036 to save the world by obtaining IBM 5100 personal computer!! Now, I can see your skeptical hippo eyes rolling over the thought of this but John Titor DID give the Art Bell audience some pretty accurate predictions about CERN, 9/11, the Space Ship Columbia, as well as the advent of ....PODCASTING. Was he truly a magic universe jumping time traveler? Or was he just an online hoax created by an entertainment lawyer and his computer scientist brothers?? Listen to find out!


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