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159 Mark Hunt Discusses Unfair UFC payouts

June 7, 2020

This is a big one folks. We welcome to the show this week, former UFC heavyweight contender, Mark Hunt. Mark wanted to get on and discuss his continuing litigation against the UFC and Dana White as well as the hot topic circulating the MMA world ...unfair fighter pay outs.

Some estimate that top drawing and performing fighters are only getting 4-9% of the total revenue they are generating and taking all of the physical risk for. Many current and former MMA fighters have been lobbying for years to have the "Muhammed Ali Boxing Reform Act" expanded to the sport of MMA to even the playing field...but for some political reason those efforts have been stymied. Mark gives us insight into that as well. 

Before recording the podcast this week, you had CHAMPIONS like Henry Cejudo and Jon Jones either retire or ask to be released from their contracts due to this issue. The day OF this recording top draw, Jorge Masvidal asked to be released from his contract due to this very same issue. Then the day AFTER this recording the BIGGEST STAR, Conor Mcgregor announced his retirement (again) from the promotion...which many speculate is a negotiation tactic stemming from even HIS belief that he is not being compensated fairly. Mark being one of the first and most outspoken about this issue was the perfect person have on the show. ufc

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