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152 Trivia Crack Battle featuring WNSY

April 19, 2020

We're in the 4th week of this Corona Virus quarantine... or something, and just like you we've been spending a lot of time at home, on the toilet, and playing smart phone games. One of the games we like to play over here at the "Art and Jacob Do America Podcast" is a little game called "Trivia Crack" (no pipe needed). A fun social affair where friends test each other's wits with a friendly game of trivia. We decided to hijack that concept and invite our podcasting sisters from the "We're Not Sure Yet" podcast over Zoom. 


We test each other's knowledge of Sports, Science, History, Movies, and Music! Who will come out on top?? Stay tuned to find out!!!

You can check out "We're Not Sure Yet" over at the Podbelly Network or literally everywhere you can download and consume podcasts!

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