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150 The Vicent Brothers Mass Murder Case

April 5, 2020

It's week 3 of the Corona Virus lock down, shut in, quarantine...whatever you want to call it,  and we're still giving you the content you all crave and need. This week Art and Jacob Do TRUE CRIME with the local tale of, VINCENT BROTHERS.

In the summer of 2003 the Vice Principal of Fremont Elementary School, Vincent Brothers, shot and killed his wife, 3 children (including his newly born 6 week old), and mother-in-law. At first Vincent was not a suspect as he was visiting family in Columbus, Ohio at the time. That was until a barrage of evidence started to fall in the lap of detectives. Cell phone pings, suspicious credit card purchases, surveillance footage, 5400 additional miles on a car rental, and bugs.......YUP  BUGS....bugs were the nail the snitched him out and landed him behind bars! Listen today for all the in depth details!

This week we welcome Bakersfield Criminal Justice expert Elena Andrade to the show to give us her insight

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