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132 Black Pete aka Zwarte Piet

December 15, 2019

Merry Christmas everybody! I don't know why...but for some reason I heard Dr. Nick from the Simpsons saying that in my head...weird..... Anyways! Speaking of weird, this week we're going to cover something pretty strange...BLACK PETE. Or as the Dutch call him Zwarte Piet. Black Pete is a companion of good Ol' St. Nick. But unlike the other companions, Black Pete is Satna's little black slave boy who in the olden days would spank all the naughty white kids, kidnap them in his sack, and take them back to Spain to suffer and watch old Penelope Cruz movies...NOW-A-Days, people in the Netherlands celebrate this cherished indentured servant by going full on Black face, handing out candies called "Negro Kisses",  and "shucking" and "jiving" during the annual St. Nicholas Parade. Sounds pretty racist and messed up huh? Well, the Dutch don't think so, or more specifically just the white Dutch. But there is a current movement over in the Netherlands to remove or revise this character which is causing a lot of controversy. This week we take a look at this topic from every angle and propose our solutions and insight to this situation.  

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