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130 The Chinese Dying Rooms feat Mike Peacock

November 29, 2019

This week we welcome two special guests:

Keith Silvas fills in as Co Host for Art this week

Then, FINALLLLLLY, after 130 episodes we finally get the great and powerful Mike Peacock as our special guest. Mike is the host of two podcasts, "On the Edge with Mike Peacock" and "Misery Point Radio". On the last episode of "On the Edge..." Mike covered the topic of Human Flesh Pills that were making their way over from China. Mike contacted us a few weeks back about covering a similar topic that he had been researching which had a tie-in with this. The Chinese Dying Rooms.

in 1995 a documentary titled "The Dying Rooms", was released exposing the aftermath of China's "One Child" Policy. This policy resulted in the abandonment of thousands of babies. Almost exclusively, these babies were female. Most of these baby girls would be dumped off to state ran orphanages where the word "neglect" wouldn't begin to describe the conditions these children were found to be in. When workers became sick of caring for them...they found their way into rooms where they were never heard from again...

Heavy topic, I know. But take a listen. Great episode for sure!

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