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129 Paul Is Dead- A Beatles Conspiracy

November 23, 2019

Sir Paul McCartney. One of the biggest names in the history of Rock N Roll. Responsible for penning hits for an entire generation from the 60's to the 2010's. Yesterday and Today if you will...…..or did he? You see, rumor has it that in 1966 , The Beatles got into a huge argument while recording "Sgt Pepper"  and Paul stormed out of the studio and ended up crashing his car and decapitating himself in the process. Now because it would be TOO devastating for Beatles fans to hear the news of poor Paul's demise, the remaining Beatles and the British authorities conspired to replace Paul McCartney with a look a like. Stricken by guilt George, John, and Ringo decided to hide "clues" about this conspiracy in their songs and album art work.

Some clues can be easily debunked....but other are pretty convincing. Where do we stand on all of this?? Listen to find out !!

This week we are without Art ...but have no fear our sisters, Liz and Cheyenne from the "We're Not Sure Yet" Podcast ( a Podbelly Network Podcast) stepped in to help us cover this Topic.  Find them on as well as on @notsurepod on all social media

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