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125 Horrors of the Internet Age: The Isla Vista Massacre and The Murder of Bianca Devins

October 27, 2019

To close out October's "Month of Horror" for 2019, we give you two stories from truly the scariest place either Art or I could think of....The Internet. As time goes on, people's online life becomes more real and influential in the physical world . The two cases we examine this week are examples of crimes that have become far too common in today's society. The Isla Vista Massacre (by Elliot Rodger)  and the murder of E-girl/social media influencer Bianca Devins are both cases in which an Internet Incel (Involuntary Celibate Male) takes their online anger and frustrations out on the innocent in the real world. Anther great episode that sparks another great discussion. 


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