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119 The Death of Kurt Cobain

September 22, 2019

Kurt Cobain. Lead singer/guitarist from the biggest band of the 90's Nirvana. A star who burned out way too soon at the age of 27 (part of the club) when he comitted suicide in April of 1994.....or did he? Some fans believe he also may have been murdered and this was a conspiracy by his wife, Courtney Love,  to stay in his will and benefit from his stardom for years to come.  But are these the only two possibilities? Hmmm we have our theroies... BUT we also take an in depth look at the beginings of this legends life, his upbringing, and his battle with depression and addiction. Great episode and it gets pretty deep this week people....


...if it ever gets too deep for any of you all out here PLEASE call the good people at the suicide prevention hot line at 1-800-273-8255



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