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110 Area 51

110 Area 51

July 27, 2019

What's up guys, i'm not going to spend too much time on these notes because it was a CRAZY night of recording

1. The computer we record kept restarting and rebooting for no reason

2. The Equipment decided it was going to REFUSE to record

3. By the time we got everything sorted out we were all mentally and emotionally frazzled!


I don't know maybe the government or their Extra Terrestrial allies didn't want us to do this episode?

But this was a fun episode. We OF CORSE address the whole storm area 51 Facebook event, we discuss the KNOWN history of Area 51 (aka Groom Lake, aka HOMEY AIRPORT), and also the infamous 'former employee' of area 51... Bob Lazar


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good night guys i'm tired...and this probe hurts

109 The Unabomber Ted Kaczynski

109 The Unabomber Ted Kaczynski

July 21, 2019

This week we welcome back to the show , the good doctor...Eric Castillo! We also get back to our roots this week and deliver another research based/topic driven Episode 

We also welcome back Keiths Silvas….to give us his perspective about living in Montana...and here's why...

We're going to be talking about THE UNABOMBER TED KACZYNSKI

a the time of his capture , The Unabomber case was the longest and most expensive FBI investigation in U.S. history. 

However, that's not the most interesting part....(listen of corse to learn more) 


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108 Ross Robinson

108 Ross Robinson

July 13, 2019

This week was was BIG one guys!!!

This week we interviewed the great and powerful Producer …..ROSS ROBINSON AKA the GODFATHER of Nu Metal

if you're about our age you'll remember him from these albums that he produced 



Korn- Life is Peacy


Sepultura- Roots



Limp Bizkit-Three Dolla Bill Y'all

and other albums by: Machine Head, At the Drive In, Glassjaw, Norma Jean, Idiot Pilot, Team Sleep, Fear Factory, The Cure, Tech N9ne, Suicide Silence, and the Used


Amaaaaazing interview , and probably one of the best. It was a religious experience talking to this man! Listen to this one TWICE guys!


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107.5 Ridgecrest Earth Quake Reactions and NBA offseason 2k19

107.5 Ridgecrest Earth Quake Reactions and NBA offseason 2k19

July 7, 2019

on this not-so-mini-sode….


We give our survival stories of the Ridgecrest Earthquakes that occurred July 4th-5th then Jump into the WILDEST NBA offseason ever ….the mix well we PROMISE lol


We welcome Tyler Weideman on the show to give us his story 


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107 Alex Estrada From Silver Snakes

107 Alex Estrada From Silver Snakes

July 7, 2019

This week we sit down with Musician and Producer Alex Estrada!!

Alex is the lead singer/guitarist for  Los Angeles based, SILVER SNAKES

This episode we discuss Alex's Influences, not-so-guilty pleasures, fun with candles, and The Ridgecrest Earthquakes of July 4th and 5th 

You can check out Alex's band on Spotify/Apple Music,, and @silver_snakes on instagram

Their latest album is "Death and the Moon" and any fan of industrial, hard core, alt-metal will want to check this album out multiple times!

You can also check out Alex's studio 


This week we also Welcome Keith Silvas to the podcast studio to fill in as the 3rd host 

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