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Ep 88 The Jersey Devil

Ep 88 The Jersey Devil

February 24, 2019

We're back again covering CRYPTIDS!

This week we tackle the tale of the JERSEY no no ….not the guidos you see on MTV's Jersey Shore ….but the little camel, horse, bat lookin' thing with scary arms, big traps, and skinny yeah still a guido….but a more MYTHICAL guido  IF YOU WILL

We take on this topic , not just because it was Art's turn to pick , but because it's also Eric's Official one year anniversary of being on the podcast! He started with a cryptid and he shall celebrate his first year with a cryptid. No that's not a joke about his secret sex life...but it probably should be.

So with all that said ENJOY the show, please remember to rate, review, and subscribe everywhere you listen to podcasts...except you STITCHER. 

And shout out to Motley Crue for gracing us with your music.... #shoutatthedevil

Ep 87 Ben Shapiro

Ep 87 Ben Shapiro

February 17, 2019


We mean it!

This episode is just that, one of many fan suggested episodes 

Now to be honest. When we sat down to record this episode I wasn't too sure how well it would turn out

I wasn't on fire for this topic/person

I wasn't sure we'd have enough to talk about

I wasn't sure we'd have a meaningful conversation

I wasn't sure we'd even be entertaining or funny...

WE WERE ALL OF THE ABOVE. Great episode this week !!


Shout out to Freedom Toons on youtube for their sample at the beginning of the episode. Check out their channel now on youtube 

Also make sure you keep on sharing these episodes with friends and boo boos too. And make sure you always hit the subscribe button on whatever app you listen to us on 

Ep. 86 My Bloody Valentine VOL 2

Ep. 86 My Bloody Valentine VOL 2

February 10, 2019

Twas the Sunday before Valentines Day...and all through the house....2.5 Mexicans were stirring and popping off at the mouth. 

This episode we celebrate Valentines Day by giving you a few crime stories motivated LOVE.

ERIC: Tells the tale of Dr Hamilton who may/may not have bashed in his wife's head to be with a stripper

ART: Tells the tale of an Air BnB Gone bad and The Scott and Lacy Peterson Story

Jacob: Tells the Tales of the Russian Man who got stabbed 13 times by his Girlfriend then Proposed in the courthouse AND the John and Lorena Bobbit Story 


Love is in the air and so is the blood....stay tuned

Ep 85 Super Bowl LIII

Ep 85 Super Bowl LIII

February 2, 2019

Well that was quick! Just like that, the NFL season is over. We're here already at the Super Bowl! Chances are 99% of our teams out there didn't make it and we're being forced to watch the Patriots (yet-a-freakin'-gain) and the Rams. More than likely you're like us a cheer for the Rams to fight off the evil empire this year. Now before you sit down with your buds to watch the big game check out this show...but this show's entertainment value is ever green! So that means our pundit football chatter this week will still be enjoyable after the game.

it's just Eric and Jacob on this one guys but we talk about everything from our feelings about these two teams, the players, the half time show (and it's controversy), Sponge Bob, and Eric rambles on about everything else ( sorry I forgot to turn the dad joke counter this episode but I believe there was a lot still) 


Any whooot always make sure you join us on Facebook Live when we record these episodes @ artandjacobdoamerica . Follow us on Instagram as well at the same handle for daily funny pics of the weeks' topic. 


Shout out to whoever really wrote this week's song "Sweet Victory" that shit's epic and I fully endorse everyone going to iTunes and purchasing this song like we did...


Have good week ya'll 


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