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Episdoe 45 Chupacabra/Cinco De Mayo Shenanigans

Episdoe 45 Chupacabra/Cinco De Mayo Shenanigans

April 29, 2018

Feliz Cumpleanos to Arturo Trejo, May the 4th be with you, and Happy Cinco De Mayo. We celebrate all that on this episode as well asloosely discussing the CHUPACABRA. We also drink Tequila and Bud Light to get the juices flowing. HOPE you DON"T unsubscribe! But never the less EnJOY


PS shout out to Sarah Mcglocklin (spelling) and whoever made that damn chupacabra song on youtube. que funny!


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Episode 44 Bohemian Grove

Episode 44 Bohemian Grove

April 22, 2018

HERE YEE!! HERE YEE!! Gather 'round for a brand new periodical audio episode of the Arturo and Jacobo Insert into AMerica podcast (Feat Ph.D. E B. Castillo) Ok enough witht he pomp and circumstance! This week we dive into one of the most NOTORIOUS secret Societies... THE BOHEMIAN CLUB A LA THE BOHEMIAN GROVE.  This exclusive club is a place where a bunch of old republican white dudes gather around in the middle of the woods to plot world domination, piss on everything, annnnd...drink milk shakes (no joke they do). They also worship a giant Owl statue that may or may not be a rejected ride from Disneyland! wil that said i won't ruin the suprise of listen to us and tell alllll of your friends and enemies about our little show! ENJOY!


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Episode 43 The Dark Web

Episode 43 The Dark Web

April 15, 2018

Salutations valued listners, hackers, and governments spies....This episode we roll our sleeves up a little and cover the scariest topic we've ever done...THE DARK WEB. Have you ever seen an ELI ROTH movie and ever thought to yourself..."how over the top!" Welllll crap happens like that in the dark and deep web.  Warning i wouldn't listen to this at night and i'd probably wouldn't let your kids listen to this episode (or any of episodes really, but ESPECIALLY THIS ONE!) ! anywho Let us know what size shirts ya'll want because we'll be printing those up soon!


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Episode 42 Dark Disney Urban Legends

Episode 42 Dark Disney Urban Legends

April 8, 2018

Who's the leader of the club who's made for you and me....M-i-c....ah you know the song you know the ears you know the cartoons that shaped your childhood, puberty, and for many your man baby adult life. Disey! it's the biggest entertainment that ever was. We take a look back at their not-so-squeaky clean image, ghost stories, and wild urban legedns. HEY WE GOT A NEW LOGO!!! YES, we became a bit more official . out with the MS paint logo of just Art and Jacob being crude. IN a slick new professional logo made by Eli Sirota, Rhett Hall, and inspired by the phenomenal A...J... Styles. 

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Namaste yall 

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