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Episode 36 Big Foot feat Eric Castillo

Episode 36 Big Foot feat Eric Castillo

February 25, 2018

wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll it's the the big (foot) shooooowww. I'd like to think you all just pictured Paul white AKA the Big Show's music hittting when your read that....but if you didn't don't worry that's the second intro song of this weeks episode , thank you Jim Johnston. This episode we Reunite with an old friend from the orginal East Side Target Electronics days, Eric Castillo. We chop it up over a couple of 6 packs of Temblor Brewing company beer and a jug of some crazy potion of Dionysis Brewing Company. Shout out to them, potential future sponsors. But any hoot we discuss BIGFOOT, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape, Bear walking on it's hind legs, Lemor Humanoid...or whatever it is. We loosely discuss what it could be but most WE HAVE SOME FUN! Probably our funnest episode yet. 


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Episode 35 Human Trafficing/Mass Disappearances of Women

Episode 35 Human Trafficing/Mass Disappearances of Women

February 18, 2018

What's the happs with the craps? Is that a thing still?...i'll take that as a yes i guess. Well you know what IS a thing ? Human Trafficing and the mass disappearance of woman in our country. But you'd think that'd get more media coverage than it does....turns out it doesn't. But don't worry we'll tell you all about it what we were able to dig up! Hopefully you learn something but if you don't at least you'll find out what we did for Valentines Day and find out how you can help spay and neuter your pets!!! Shout out to Joe Rogan for an awesome show here in Bakersfield, Shout out to the for getting us flower...but not sponsoring us ....yes, shout out to for hooking us up with music again this week, shout out to critters without litters, and shout out to Rainbow Big foot for being a swell dude too. With that said make sure you share our episodes with a friend and make sure you subscribe to our shows. We can be found basically everywhere where you can find podcasts....itunes, iheartradio, googleplay, and even at our website on podbean at . also get at us on social media on facebook and instagram @artandjacobdoamerica but we'd prefer your FREEEEEEEEEEEE subscription on itunes!

Episode 34 My Bloody Valentines

Episode 34 My Bloody Valentines

February 11, 2018

Happy Valentine's Week everyone. Hope you got someone to cuddle up with ....and if not you can cuddle up with us this week! Get some sushi, drink some coffee, warm up a plate of frozen chimichangas, and listen to us discuss some creepy Love scorned murders. We get into canabalism, the Versace, murders, and some other not so G rated events that occurs due to that funny little thing called love. Shout out to for helping us out with music again this week. But most of all thank you to Eli Sirota for laying vocals down again for our offcial theme song he wrote for us. check out his podcast too "The not so crazy podcast of blizzard the wizard and eli" .  

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Episode 33 FLAT EARTH ?

Episode 33 FLAT EARTH ?

February 4, 2018

WHAT'S GUCCI ? I'm sorry , i'm old and just trying to sound cool. Well at least i'm not Alex Jones....oh so with that said this weeks episode is all about Flat Earth!!!! We also discuss Hollow Earth and Reptilian civilizations. We also place a voodoo curse on the New England Patriots as we recorded this right be fore the Super Bowl. Ahhh and yes we already know we have a habbit of jinxing the teams we're going for so with that said Good luck Brady...BREAK A LEG... with that said HEY we got ourselves another theme song , This one was composed by, written by, and performed by Jacob Pixton himself (yes all voices...and we mean ALLL).... well most of them anyway. Thank you to the dude(s) at also shout out to Balinda Carlise and whoever sings the songs on the Scarface soundtrack. As always make sure you like, subscribe and promote our show. 

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