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Podcast 23 Wrasslemania Vol 1 Feat Anthony Ochoa

Podcast 23 Wrasslemania Vol 1 Feat Anthony Ochoa

November 26, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls ! Children of alllll ages Art and Jacob proudly present......WRASSLEMANIA Vol 1! This episode we welcome back Anthony Ochoa from "Frank and Mallory Talk SH*T" . We discuss one of our favorite past times...Pro Wrestling.....well Jacob and Anthony's favorite past time. Art not so much, but we try to convice him ! AND IF YOU'RE NOT DOWN WITH THAT WE GOT TWOOO WORDS FOR YA.....




Podcast 22 Working OOON Thanksgiving Day: Feat. Ben Jammin

Podcast 22 Working OOON Thanksgiving Day: Feat. Ben Jammin

November 19, 2017

:::IN KRUSTY THE CLOWN VOICE::: HEY! HEY! HEY! Welcome to episode 22 and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! An extra Happy Thanksgiving goes out to all the retail workers out there who have to work OOOON Thanksgiving day. We all feel your pain as between the three of us we have about 30 years of retail experience. Join us this week as we share our Black Friday (and Thursday) horror stories!! We also debate how ethical it is to work on a national family holiday. 

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sample credits:

"The Nutty Professor" 

"U Name it"-?

"Simon Says"- Pharoah Monch

"The Roach"- RBX


Podcast 21 The Marijuana Diaries

Podcast 21 The Marijuana Diaries

November 13, 2017

Welcome back to the podcast! It's episode 21, we're old enough to drink aaaaaaaaaaand smoke now....just not in Kern County orrrr Bakersfield....i mean it's not like we smoke or injest now...for any of our emplyers listening.....BUT WE WANT TO OPTION TO DAMN IT. This episode we talk about Marijuana, the laws, the health benefits, and all the other gosh darn uses for it. #reefermadness

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Song Credits:

Rick James: Mary Jane

Cypress Hill: Hits from the Bong & I Wanna Get High




Podcast 20 The GUN Show

Podcast 20 The GUN Show

November 5, 2017

Hey everyone!!! on this episode we talk about what the eff is going on with all of these mass shootings! This episode was recorded right after learning about the church shooting that happend right outside of San Anotionio. We explore how this might be more of a mental health issue that has been triggered by advancements in social technologies. We make it clear that we support the second ammendment but also make it clear we need to be smarter about how we address this epidemic. 


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